Friday, February 22, 2013


This is a brand new blog for a brand new group of artists - The Toe River Valley Plein Air Painters - that enjoy painting "plein air".  This means painting outside.  Dealing with the weather, the changing light and the bugs, in addition to other challenges not found in the studio.

In addition to a love of painting en plein air, the artists in this group find inspiration in the beauty of  the Toe River Valley of Western North Carolina.  This includes Yancey and Mitchell counties.  

Membership is free.  And at the moment, this blog will be the center of our communications. 

There are many times when an artist might prefer to paint with another artist, or a group, rather than venturing out into the wilds alone.  It is one of the goals of this blog to provide an easy way to connect and paint together.

If you are interested in joining TRVPAP, please email  You'll be added to our list and notified of any upcoming paint outs.

June on Roan Mountain
artist: Susan Garriques