Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Roan Mountain Paint Out

Up on the top of Roan Mountain is the world's largest natural rhododendron garden.  Eight artists were up there today painting.  The weather was perfect - not too hot - not too cold - no wind to speak of.  Some sun followed by cloudy skies.  The mildest day I've ever spent on the Roan.  

The blossoms are not in full bloom yet - they were just beginning to open at the Cloudland Hotel site.  If you've been thinking about making a trip up that way, it's definitely not too late.

Here are some photos of our day.....  (and.. I've asked for more photos from the artists, so be sure to check back later for more photos)

Arlene Daniel painting at the Cloudland Site, Roan Mountain

Laurel Lovrek, Sandra Gates and Kathleen Turczyn painting at the Cloudland Hotel Site, Roan Mt.

Katherine McCarty, Susan Garriques and Kathleen Turczyn painting at the Cloudland Hotel Site

Painting by Sandra Gates

Painting by Susan Garriques