Thursday, June 19, 2014

Painting at Mountain Farm

Plein air painting is always an adventure and yesterday was no exception.  The weather was sunny and warm when we met at Mountain Farm.  There were 16 artists painting and sketching in various mediums - oils, watercolors, pastels, pencils and pens.  

Mountain Farm is located in Celo, NC, and raises goats and lavender.  It has a beautiful view of the Black Mountains.  Several of us painted near the lavender labrinth, which is located on the high point of the farm.  When we began, there wasn't much breeze, but before too long, the wind picked up.  Umbrellas and canvases went flying.  And have you ever tried to paint goats?  They aren't the best at staying in the scene!  

Laurel Lovrek painted this lovely pastel painting.....

Lavender Ladies
5" x 7" - pastel

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