Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Painting again.....

Spring has officially arrived.  That means for those of us fair weather plein air painters, it is time to get outside to paint.  

Today, Laurel Lovrek and I painted scenes of the South Toe River from Carolina Hemlocks.  The weather was nearly perfect - not hot and not cold.  A great day to start our plein air season.

Here is a photo of my painting from today: 

South Toe River at Carolina Hemlocks
artist: susan garriques
6" x 8", oil on canvas board

And below is the painting that Laurel started.  She says " This is a shrub that caught my eye, because it flows with the river.  The pastel is large for plein air, 9 x 12, so this is unfinished."

painting in progress
Artist: Laurel Lovrek
9" x 12", pastel

It felt so good to be outside today!  Where we were painting today, there isn't any cell phone reception.  It is a great place to escape from the "world", immerse oneself in nature, and just paint.  

Thanks so much for stopping by!